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American Wire Gauge (AWG)

American Wire Gauge (AWG) designed for measuring wire within tight spaces.

Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and a Clear Polycarbonate material.

If the gauge will be used to measure wire in a potentially live situation select the Polycarbonate option.
Polycarbonate will not conduct electricity, it is very strong and will stand up to life in the tool box.
Printed with a black vinyl ink which will resist scratching and scraping.

Please allow for at least 4 weeks for custom orders. 


GAC1212 American Wire Gauge (AWG)


American Wire Gauge (AWG)

Minimum Qty 50 sets for Custom Orders

Part No. Details Material Qty Price  
GAS1212 Generic Stainless Steel $21.00 USD
GAS1212 50 Pieces - Custom Printng $29.50 USD
GAS1212 100 Pieces - Custom Printng $18.75 USD
GAS1212 200 Pieces - Custom Printng $13.50 USD