Stainless Steel Sheave Gauges
Plastic Sheave Gauges with Custom Blank
Plastic Wire Rope and Sheave Gauge
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Stainless Steel Sheave Gauges

Stainless steel wire rope and sheave gauges for measuring worn sheave grooves on the end, together with a rope gauge on the shank. The gauges are produced in thick 18 gauge (0.05") Stainless Steel.

The Sheave Gauge is manufactured to Nominal plus 5%, the wire gauge measures the nominal size. When the sheave gauge is placed in the groove, the geometries should match without any space at the sides or bottom. Because the gauges are made in small quantities we can custom design sets specifically for your needs.

Standard sets available in 10, 12, 15, 20 blade sets.

Custom orders can be manufactured in any size from 1 to 20 blade sets.

Imprint your company information on gauge orders of 25 or more.